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the truth about the rotten malays & islam

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  1. halal certification is a scam, no science just islamic bullshit. a filthy
  2. scam perpetrated by the evil, dishonest, and conniving muslim scum.
  3. only subhumans would think it is acceptable to
  4. make it a custom to yell from their filthy mosques everyday at everyone. highly
  5. invasive brainwashing noise pollution. these subhumans include: malays, indons,
  6. arabs, pakis, afghans, turks and iranians. yes, it's true. those so called
  7. 'people' are the subhuman scum that inhabit this earth. there's nothing wrong
  8. with hating those obnoxious and conniving subhuman scum. i tolerate everyone
  9. accept those muslim subhuman shitstains especially from uae, malaysia, indonesia,
  10. pakistan, afghanistan, and iran.
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